2ème Édition 2016

Selon Carl Dreyer (réalisateur danois) « Que le cinéma nous ouvre une porte sur le monde de l’inexplicable »

Edito 2016


As Carl Drey said, «The cinema opens the door to an inexplicable world.»



Did you say «Unusual art film festival «? …

Given the profound determination to renew the experience, to pursue the adventure, to promote what is beautiful

and invisible, a 2nd edition of the Unusual artFilm festival was essential. Let us tell you about the “Haute Vallée”,

a rich and mysterious place where you find the legendary Rennes-le-Château, and where the whole world meets

on the plateau with a 360° view. A stirring experience. This is where you find the epicentre of an important secret

where researchers meet, not far from the Bugarach mountain and neighbouring villages. Be gracious rather than

bitter… It’s true, the planet is in danger. So let’s cherish this marvel more than ever. An awakening to a new

sensorial consciousness; stories featuring different species; human adventures with alternative forms of intelligence

transport us to the end of the world. The aim of alternative cinema – with its unusual character and unexpected

approaches – is to surprise. There is poetry to dissolve the sometimes overwhelming egos. Encounter the

marvellous, the strange, the inexplicable… We confirm our intentions to the younger generation with the short film

competition. Now, more than ever, short films are inventive – often full of talent and freedom, with no constraints.

They convey values we wish to support, not only to welcome younger emerging generations, but also to give an

opportunity to directors of all ages, and from different origins. We continue to explore the past, the present, and

anticipate the future with feature films, documentaries, and our guests: actors, actresses, directors, and producers :

Jacques Pradel, Jean-Pierre Mocky, Jan Kounen, Anne Paris, Olivier Marchal, Gérard Lanvin, Jean Pierre Mocky,

Smain, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Régine Abadia, Lucille Hadzihalilovic, Serge Avedikian, Georges Combes, Helene

Guetary, Vincent Tulli with his conference about the camera.

As Carl Drey said, «The cinema opens the door to an inexplicable world.»

Jules Verne returns as a guest with the conference entitled “Jules Verne and the Cinema”,

given by Philippe Marlin, publisher, writer, and organiser of the book day with the theme “the strange and UFOs”

in Rennes-le-Château. The jury is made up of journalists from the printed media, radio, and television and

will be presided by (…). Thanks to you, our festival- goers, this 2nd edition will illustrate the

vitality and originality of a new world, and is the precursor for tomorrow’s Unusual art Film

Festival in Rennes-le-Château.