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The web tv of the Festival of the Movie Unusual Rennes-le Château

Homage to abbot Sauniére for his/her/its 100 years by Karl ZERO

“If I was abbot Saunière.

Strip Announcement of the “Alchemical Journey” of Georges COMBE

The Director enumerates the different stages that he allowed him to succeed to this work. To start with the city of Brussels, the Cathedral of Chartres, The Mount St. Michel, Rocamadour, Saint Jacques of Compostelle, The Tower St. Jacques and finally Our Lady of Paris…

Movie “The Underground of the Time” of Georges Combe

According to the book of Walid Nazim “The enigma of the fish” bones. A mysterious labyrinth that takes birth under the church Saint Bernard, and that spreads on kilometers in the Cross-redhead’s depths, in Lyons.


Photographer Plasticien Penitent in quest of his/her/its perfection looks for HERE immortality, indefinitely in quest of the Grail.