The creators of the Unusual Film Festival of Rennes le château wish to arouse the imagination and creativity of the Aude and especially the secondary school students in Occitan through amateur or professional competitions. They hope to open doors to the world of cinematic art.

the Jury Prize

the Public Prize

Sponsorship of 2 high schools by the festival (for 2018)

Youth Label 2018

Festival Film Insolite Rennes le Château -

As part of the 2018 edition of the Festival of Unusual Film Rennes-le-Château (9 and 10 August 11 and 12 August), the creators of the festival Fanny Bastien and Geoffroy Thiebaut have created an amateur competition “short unusual” , on the theme of “Grail and immortality”.

For high school students from Aude and Haute Vallée.
Short films must be made using a mobile phone and will last from one to three minutes.

Fanny Bastien and Geoffroy Thiebaut are aware that the Grail is a theme little known to young people. “Yet, they agree, it is an integral part of Occitania, if only in the heart of its Cathar castles.”
Presentation of the 20 unusual courts selected on August 10, in Rennes-le-Château, with a prize of honor, and a public prize.
Unusual courts, before June 30: go! it’s gone and it’s especially easy!

By posting on Facebook the unusual courts with the hashtag # CourtsGraal2018 and identifying,
the festival @ festival unusual film of Rennes-le-Château, the works will be received by Daniel Baschieri, delegate to unusual courts.

The Depeche du midi

The Unusual Youth Label

2018 Jury Prize

“Blood for the Grail” made by the students of the college Antoine Couturière in Cuxac de Cabardes in the Montagne Noire.



The Jury Prize
A MASTER CLASS with PATRICE FLEOUTER (date to be determined for the 2019 edition)

Alain Pons, Ted Gonzales, Jade Pavia, Marine Monnot, Esteban Meveu and Elsa Subileau are the lucky winners. They won a Master Class / Workshop around documentary writing and ran with PATRICE FLEOUTER for the 2019 edition.

Site de Patrick Fleouter :

2018 Public Prize

Public Prize “Graal” for the College “Michel Bousquié” in Quillan.Invitation at the restaurant at the Hotel de la Cité in Carcassonne.with Christian Doumergue, Talia Alary, Alexiane Autier, Ines Louglayal, Audrey Sicre.



The Prize of the Winners of the Public Prize
An invitation entitled to a meal at the gastronomic restaurant at the Hotel de la Cité in Carcassonne with Christian Doumergue, Talia Alary, Alexiane Autier, Ines Louglayal, Audrey Sicre.

Special Screening

Kevin Major: Cameraman,
Professeur, Photographe

This young Franco American teacher,cameraman,photographe will offer a movie workshop in Puivert where teenagers will work on the quest of the grail. Screening of the film on the Grail of his students.

The 2017 Unusual Youth Label

Prix du Jury 2017

Court-métrage de Seamus et Fionn FANNING
Muse’s Retreat – Carcassonne

The Abbé Saunière, The True Story is a stop motion animation that uncovers éléments of the legend that hâve never seen if before. Corne and discover the man, the castle and a real treasure



Selected in 3 festivals
after obtaining their 1st prize at the Festival Insolite.

Short Films Competition in tribute to the 100th anniversary of Abbé Saunière


Association BEGIN – Limoux

A former hisfory teacher in Limoux, tells the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau to a small group of students. Leaving the student to understand what remains of the famous myth today

Court-métrage de Claire GABY, Léo D’IMBLEVAL, Ludivine LAMOTTE, et Nina NOTHOMB
Graph – Carcassonne

How, a hundred years after the death of the Abbot François Béranger Saunière, the legend of Rennes-le-Château continues to be current and to arouse inte­ rest? This web documentary offers an interactive expérience in the heart of the village of Rennes-le-Château.

Court-métrage de Benjamin et Jérémie REA, Fabien LAPLANTE et Eléanore GUYOT
Université Louis Lumière – Lyon

At 500 km from Lyon, in the village of Rennes-le-Château, in 1885, Abbé Béren­ger Saunière discovers an unimaginable treasure. And if Sauniere had discovered his treasure at Lyons, at the mouth of the Rhône, at the very site of the fish-bones?


Court-métrage de Aurélie BENTUS-FERRER & Jérôme COLOMBI
Sur une proposition et une ideé originale de Patrick BAREZ.

At the border of the imaginary we are invited to follow the track to the treasure, 100 years after the death of the Abbot Saunière.

Le Label Jeunesse Insolite 2016

Short film “Mauv mine mine” Directed by J. Ruffié’s students in Limoux with the Film Begin Association

6 short Movie by Student of ESAV

– “SI la mer Meurt” de Lorris Coulon

– “5 semaines en ballon” de Anabela Ojeda

– “L’invasion des robots tueurs extraterrestres” de Marin Queyraud

– “La sieste de la mouche” de Sylvain Bermudes

– “Toc toc” de Manuel Fleytoux

– “Le temps du rêve” d’Aline Marteaud