Eric Naulleau

Honorary President of the 2018 Unusual Festival

The simple evocation of the Grail, besides the renewed pleasure of saying or hearing this word among the strangest of our language (three harsh consonants softened by the redoubled vowel),
always brings forth the same vision once received in a dark room: “This is the material that dreams are made of” leaves Sam Spade about the Maltese falcon, the gold statuette around which the protagonists of the first film clash from John Huston.
I am therefore particularly happy and proud to preside over the fourth edition of the unusual film Rennes-le-Château where two days during the Seventh Art will be renamed “Seventh Graart”. In my experience, because there are almost as many definitions as Grail searchers, this word means an elsewhere, an afterlife,
an outer or inner border which sometimes seems to fade away as we approach it, but which gives meaning (understood in the twofold meaning of direction and meaning) to our lives,
If you were persuaded, I would try to persuade you that I would be the simplest addition of a barbager in the boom of pure materialism and bannir toute form of transcendance. That is to say, that it is not necessarily a voyage to the recipient, where it was collected the blood of Christ sur la croix,
but in my personal case towards surrealism (André Breton and the others would doubtless have a bad eye that I associate this movement with a spiritual step, I take the risk), towards a scene where I went up in the company of an artist to whom I have devoted for forty years a boundless admiration or even towards football,
another passion whose symbol is not without evoking the statuette of the Maltese Falcon – the famous world cup.I wish you not to find your Grail, but to start looking for it.

Eric Naulleau

2018 Guests of this 4th edition

Le Grall - Festival Film Insolite Rennes le Château -

Eric Giacometti – Lars Muhl – Christian Doumergue – Stephane Grobost – Georges Combes – Charly Camson – Hayet Ayat

Jean-François Bourgeot

journalist moderator of the round table

ound table moderated by Jean-François Bourgeot, journalist, bringing together lecturers and writers around the “Grail and the quest for immortality” followed by dedications in the Domaine de l’Abbé Saunière.

Eric Giacometti

Writer, scriptwriter, journalist

Eric Giacometti, an investigative journalist, formerly head of the economics department at Parisien / Aujourd’hui en France and Jacques Ravenne, a specialist in manuscript study and lecturer, have been friends since adolescence.

Leur collaboration littéraire née en 2005 avec Le Rituel de l’ombre, premier opus de la série consacrée aux enquêtes du commissaire franc-maçon Antoine Marcas. Depuis, ce duo, unique, du profane et de l’initié (Jacques Ravenne est Franc-Maçon) a vendu plus de 2 millions d’exemplaires en France de cette série qui été traduite dans 17 langues, du Japon aux États-Unis et adaptée en bande dessinée par les Éditions Delcourt.

En 2016 est paru aux Editions Jean-Claude Lattes L’empire du Graal, la dernière et la plus étrange enquête du commissaire Antoine Marcas qui le mènera sur la piste du Graal.

En 2018, est publié aux Editons Jean-Claude Lattes leur dernier roman la Puissance des ténèbres. Inspirée de faits réels, cette histoire qui est une plongée dans les arcanes secrètes de la guerre révèle la dimension occulte et méconnue du nazisme.

Lars Muhl

Artist, writer, director

Lars Muhl, author and director, reveals his philosophical path and his spiritual awakening born from his encounter with a seer at Montségur. A stimulating and remarkable experience that combines history and esotericism in the land of Cathars.
A lecture followed by the screening of his documentary The Seer retracing his career and the dedication of his books: The researcher and The meeting, his last

Hayet Ayat

A singer

Singer and ambassador of peace, Hayet Ayad draws her inspiration from the traditional repertoire of sacred songs from the East and Spain, religions, as well as the oral tradition of the Mediterranean basin.

Ces chansons célèbrent l’amour, la tolérance, l’amitié entre les peuples sans oublier la femme.

Chamane d’origine berbère, elle a reçu le don d’harmoniser et d’éveiller l’onde de la vie par le son. Elle accompagne par son chant les personnes désireuses de se re – lier au fil harmonique de la vie, afin de sortir des schémas hérités par les mémoires de l’âme, le conditionnement familial, génétique, social et matriciel. Les fréquences vibratoires de sa voix participent à la libération des nœuds chaotiques et disharmonieux et à l’ouverture du potentiel créatif de l’Être.


Alors vibrez, laissez-vous transporter par sa voix chaude et intemporelle et vous serez au diapason !

Christian Doumergue

Writer, documentalist & videographer

Writer  He holds a Master’s Degree in History of Arts and Archeology as well as a DEA in Comparative Literatures, passionate about enigmas, occult History and symbols, he discovered the affair of Rennes-le-Château in the 1990s And has written since many books on the subject. He is one of the speakers of the trial scheduled for 9 August.

Georges Combes

Author, Director and producer

Author, director and producer, Georges Combe has conducted a breathless investigation into our history, our myths, our legends and our beliefs. A quest that looks like the Grail. 
Lyon, capital of an invisible world, out of time and space. Underground, unimaginable underground. A very old network, with an incredible geometric structure. These galleries were called “Fish bones.”
The discoveries of his exploration Georges Combe reveal them through a documentary and a book : Les souterrains du temps.

CHARLY SAMSON, écrivain, journaliste

Charly Camson

Writer, author

writer, journalist  Writer, journalist, playwright and lecturer. Charly Samson is interested in secret and mysterious history, parapsychology, divinatory arts, ufology, esotericism and symbolism.


Animator & Speaker

Daniel Jenny: unusual and self-taught artist, time has no hold on him, director of 12 short films, producer of 6 feature films and 20 short films
Stephane Grobost

Stephane Grobost

Animator & Speaker

Stéphane Grobost, webjournalist, researcher and trainer in Human Sciences, is interested in the alchemy of the cinema and more particularly in the initiation quest on the screen. The theme of the Grail has indeed inspired many directors (Astier, Boorman, Bresson , Gilliam, Molia, Rohmer, Spielberg, Syberberg …).
Stéphane Grobost examines their creations in the light of the narrative plot of the “alchemical course of the hero” and reveals what this world perceives and its implications. A marked path of symbols that remind us of our interiority and encourage us to change our view of the world and ourselves.
If cinema is an industry it is also an art that can be “royal” when it invites the spectator to change his consciousness …