Teaser festival of the unusual movie of Rennes le Château 2017

3rd Edition: 2017

https://festivalfilminsoliterenneslechateau.fr - Fanny Bastien et Geoffroy Thiebaut
Fanny Bastien & Geoffroy Thiebaut  (Credits Laura Favalli)

In the presence of :

Jacques PRADEL Journalist and Godfather of this 3rd edition

jacques pradel





Radio man, he presents on RTL, since 2010, The Hour of the crime. A man of television, he owes him three of the most famous and controversial shows of the 90s: Lost in Eye (with Jean-Marie Perthuis), Witness No. 1 (with Patrick Meney) and The Odyssey of the Strange. Man of feather,
he has just published at Télémaque Editions. Did you say strange? and First Editions “Les Affaires Criminelles”. In conference on August 11 at the Saltz field.




Writer / Documentalist / Videographer

He holds a Master’s Degree in History of Arts and Archeology as well as a DEA in Comparative Literatures, passionate about enigmas, occult History and symbols, he discovered the affair of Rennes-le-Château in the 1990s and has written since many books on the subject. He is one of the speakers of the trial scheduled on 9 August

Georges COMBE

Director / Producer

Director and producer. In the company Les Films du plateau, created in 1969, Georges Combe produces numerous documentaries seeking to unravel the great mysteries of our planet. His documentary Rennes-le-Château, from the treasure to vertigo (2003) will be shown on 10 August in his presence. He is one of the speakers of the trial on 9 August
David GALLEY, Réalisateur et producteur


Director / Producer

Producer and director of documentaries for numerous French and international television channels, he has traveled to France and made dozens of subjects concerning so-called «unexplained» phenomena. His documentary Rennes-le-Château, les Zones d’Ombre will be screened on August 10 in his presence. He is one of the speakers of the trial scheduled on 9 August and will give a conference about his book France mysterious on 12 August at saint Paul-de-Fenouillet
Gino Sandri



Writer (Arqa Editions The great lunar), interested in the various domains of esotericism and the occult, passionate about the mystery of Rennes-le-Château, he frequented close Pierre Plantard, Gerard de Sède and Alain Féral, with whom he Collaborated on the subject, Gino Sandri is one of the speakers of the trial programmed on 9 August.
CHARLY SAMSON, écrivain, journaliste


Writer / Journalist

Writer, journalist, playwright and lecturer, Charly Samson is interested in secret and mysterious history parapsychology, divinatory arts, ufology, esotericism and symbolism. He is one of the speakers of the trial scheduled on 9 August. He gives a conference on 13 August at the Renaissance center in Rennes-les-Bains on the great secret of Rennes-le-Château and his last book the templars.
Stuart URBAN


Writer / Director / Producer

Youngest participant (at the age of 13) at the Cannes Film Festival 1972 with his short film The Virus of war, his films and television series have been successful around the world. Revelation a mystical / supernatural thriller that he realized in 2001 around the secret of Rennes-le-Château will be screened on 10 August in his presence. He is one of the speakers of the trial scheduled on 9 August.
Laura Favalli



An artist with multiple talents, actress, singer, painter and photographer, Laura Favali shares her life between Paris, Budapest, Helzinki and New York. She is one of the main characters of the film “The Gold of the Devil” projected on August 10 in her presence and will give a show at the Claranda on 11 August. She is one of the speakers of the trial on 9 August

Clémence CAMUS/Kevin AMIEL

Actress / Choreographer / Lyric singer

Closing the Abbé Saunière’s Trial, Kevin Amiel, one of the most talented tenors of his generation, will perform the Ave maria by Gounod accompanied by clemency Camus young choreographer creative Fabulous ballet on 9 August.
Claire Cordu & Antoine Captier

Claire et Antoine CAPTIER

Children of the Country

They make parties people have known Marie Dénarnaud. Claire Captier is the girl of Noël Corbu, who bought in life annuity the domain to Marie Dénarnaud, and Antoine Captier, son of the soil, frequently met «Miss Marie». They are speakers of the trial scheduled on 9 August.
Roch Sauquere



Chief Editor of Top secret, the magazine of the riddles of the science and the history. He was one of the first dedicated a special issue on the affair of Rennes-le-

Short film competition commemorating the 100th anniversary of Abbé Sauniére.


Association BEGIN – Limoux

A former hisfory teacher in Limoux, tells the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau to a small group of students. Leaving the student to understand what remains of the famous myth today

Short film : Claire GABY, Léo D’IMBLEVAL, Ludivine LAMOTTE, et Nina NOTHOMB
Graph – Carcassonne

How, a hundred years after the death of the Abbot François Béranger Saunière, the legend of Rennes-le-Château continues to be current and to arouse inte­ rest? This web documentary offers an interactive expérience in the heart of the village of Rennes-le-Château.

Short film :  Benjamin et Jérémie REA, Fabien LAPLANTE et Eléanore GUYOT
Université Louis Lumière – Lyon

At 500 km from Lyon, in the village of Rennes-le-Château, in 1885, Abbé Béren­ger Saunière discovers an unimaginable treasure. And if Sauniere had discovered his treasure at Lyons, at the mouth of the Rhône, at the very site of the fish-bones?


Short film : Aurélie BENTUS-FERRER & Jérôme COLOMBI
Sur une proposition et une ideé originale de Patrick BAREZ.

At the border of the imaginary we are invited to follow the track to the treasure, 100 years after the death of the Abbot Saunière.


Documentary of Georges Combe

Duration: 122 mn
Screening in the presence of the director

We soon discover that behind the treasure of Bérenger Saunière hides something much larger, the ramifications of which lead us far from our starting point. Unexplained sections of the History of France seem to be connected directly with Rennes-le-Chateau and a secret link seems to unité geographical places which are very distant from one another.

Urban STUART movie

Duration: 111 mn
Screening in the presence of the director

For thousands of years, the forces of darkness and light hâve been fighting mercilessly to capture a mysterious relie. Magnus Martel, a wealthy man, conscious of his power, charges his son Jake and Mira, a student in alchemy, to destroy her to prevent her from falling into the hands of the Great Master.

Karl Zero “If I were Father Sauniere”

Telefilm by Jean-Louis Fournier

Episode 1/6
Duration: 52 mn
Screening in the presence of actors : Jean-François Balmer and Laura Favali.

The true story, of a young priest named in a village, in the land of Razes. Rennes the Castle. The Abbe Saunière undertook considérable work, rebuilt the church. He leads a great train, travels, frequents the political world and the artists … But what was the
origin of the mysterious fortune of the abbot?

Documentaire de David Galley

Duration: 53 mn
Screening in the presence of director

Thanks to serious speakers, documents and unpublished testimonies on the Rennes-le-Château affair, this investigation sheds light on the life of Abbé Saunière but also reveals  curious areas of shadow, Which to this day remain true mysteries.

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